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Fire Damage Assessment Calculators

The Fire Damage Assessment Calculators below, comply with the requirements of NFIRS Basic Training Module Chapter 3 

Dollar Loss: is defined as the estimate of damages to the structure and contents in terms of repair and or replacement of "like, kind and quality" This estimation of fire loss includes contents damaged by fire, smoke, water and overhaul.  This does not include indirect loss such as business interruption.  

Pre-Incident Value: is defined as the replacement cost of the structure and contents prior to the incident. 


Purpose: Collecting property and content losses illustrates the magnitude of the fire problem, provides an additional indicator of the incident severity, and can be used to evaluate progress in fire protections.  This information can help local communities; States and the country determine the amount of money that should be spent on fire protection.  


Estimated property and content losses are also crucial for identifying situations where high monetary losses are common.  This information helps target fire prevention programs.  Loss estimates can also be used to evaluate the cost effectiveness of various equipment, and fire protection practices.   


NOTE: It is highly recommended that you print a copy of your calculated loss valuation and attach it to your incident report.  

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