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Partner with a Nationwide, Web Based Service, to provide a

Risk Reduction Program to your community


Program features include:


For Your Residents:

  • Our Trademark "Do it yourself" interactive tool homeowners use to determine their own home safety rating.

  • A nationwide network for homeowners to share residential risk reduction ideas and success stories.

  • A quarterly newsletter with feature articles about risk reduction

  • Seasonal preparedness tips

  • Periodic regional safety suggestions

  • Email Reminders to test smoke alarms, replace batteries and practice fire drills

  • Semiannual testing to track risk reduction trends  


For Fire Departments:

  • An educational program designed to introduce community risk reduction and empower homeowners to engage in preparedness activities.

  • Quarterly usage reports from within your community

  • Risk reduction trending reports to identify community involvement

  • Email notification of high risk residents

  • Opportunity for revenue sharing


In addition participating Fire Departments have access to our building damage assessment calculators. These simple to use tools are designed for accuracy and consistency in determining structural damage after a fire for more accurate incident reports



Other Program Highlights.

  • Residents Annual membership or subscription fee - FREE

  • There is no cost for Fire Departments to participate in this program.

  • As Fire is Everyone’s Fight we will attempt to engage other community based business (insurance agents, pediatric offices and senior centers ) in our campaign.


What we ask of you:

  • We only ask that participating Fire Departments promote our “Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late” campaign to their local media and provide a link to our web portal to residents within your community. 


Please reply to if you are interested in participating. 

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