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ABOUT is a privately funded web site dedicated to the virtual promotion of Home Safety and Disaster Prevention information.

Information on has been accumulated through various agencies and groups including NFPA and FEMA.

Calculators on our web site have been created for the sole purpose of providing current  construction pricing for the sole purpose of determining a replacement cost value.


Last year over 136,000 times, someone’s day turned tragic resulting in an accidental death or injury.

That’s over 372 times per day disaster occurred somewhere in the country. Sadly, the majority of these tragedies could have been prevented.


It is the goal of to be a virtual resource of helpful information related to residential fire safety and prevention, including, use of a self performed level 1 risk assessment tool, a downloadable home safety plan template and access to a reconstruction cost calculator to help determine the insurable value of a structure. 

In addition, myhomesafetyplan  provides Fire Departments across the country a residential and commercial damage assessment calculator used to determine the 



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